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About Nuru massage:

During Your Nuru massage special warm Nuru gel will be applied all over Your body and also the masseuse’s body. This special oil has a ‘gel’ form and is extracted from seaweed and has excellent sliding properties. This is why this massage is sometimes called “wet” or “slippery”. Nuru Gel is a natural, transparent, and completely odorless and causes no skin allergies – on the contrary it softens and nourishes the skin. The whole massage is done using the “body on body” technique – the masseuse will “slip” all over Your body – it is very enjoyable, erotic and exciting. Massage requires perfect synchronization of movements and is very physically demanding for the masseuse. Masseuse Sarka is one of the very ‘few’ who has mastered this technique, and she calls her technique “the crab technique”. This massage has a very strong anti-stress effects. It induces a feeling of comfort, relaxation, tension release and detoxification.

Nuru massage details:

Begins with a shower where Your masseuse washes You nicely and prepare You for the massage. Then You lie down on a comfortable mattress and Your masseuse will apply Nuru gel made from seaweed all over Your body. When used on dry skin, the skin will absorb it, give it nourishment and restore its vitality and flexibility. It makes the skin fresh, relaxed and silky smooth. However, if the gel is then applied to wet skin, the skin becomes incredibly slippery. And that is what Nuru massage is about!
Then the massage is done using the ‘body on body’ technique and it’s very sensual and erotic.

History of nuru massages:

Nuru massage comes from Japan and recently started coming into the western world.
This technique was used in traditional Japanese baths, and is considered a masterpiece of erotic and anti-stress massages.

Warning :

During nuru massage kissing, oral and classic sex is not allowed, not even for a fee!
Proposals like this can be offending and Your massage can end prematurely.
Light ‘surface’ touches are allowed.

Massage includes:

1. Relaxing warm shower together with masseuse before and after massage.
2. Sensual full body massage with hot nuru gel, while which the masseuse slowly slides with her body along yours using the outstanding techniques of touch.
3. The masseuse is naked all the time.
4. You can touch the whole body.
5. Intimate zone massage including balls massage by hands with happy ending.
6. The number of orgasms during a massage is not limited.

Body sliding100%
Mutual touches90%

Incall prices:

1 Masseuse
30 min 1300Kč 54€ 65$
60 min 1800Kč 75€ 90$
90 min 2500Kč 105€ 125$
120 min 3500Kč 146€ 175$

You can add extra services.
French kissing, Foot fetish (job), Prostate massage, Private dance.

See complete pricelist.

2 Masseuses
30 min 2400Kč 100€ 120$
60 min 3200Kč 133€ 160$
90 min 4200Kč 175€ 210$
120 min 5400Kč 225€ 270$

You can add extra services.
French kissing, Foot fetish (job), Prostate massage, Private dance.

See complete pricelist.

OUT CALL +500Kč / 21€


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