Escort erotic massage in Prague

About body to body massage:

Erotic body to body massage begins like a classic relaxation massage. The main difference is that the masseuse is fully naked and the massage is performed more intimately and gently focusing on creating an erotic atmosphere.
The masseuse is using her hand, legs, breasts, buttocks and the entire body – ‘body on body’ technique. High-quality non-perfumed, hypoallergenic oils are used. During the massage there is a romantic twilight with scented candles and relaxation music. There are also side mirrors so you can observe the beauty of the masseuse and her technique during Your massage.
(There is nothing more beautiful than the sight on a girl’s perfect body gleaming with oil.)

Erotic massage details:

First the masseuse will friendly welcome You and take You to your room in hotel or flat where everything is already prepared for the massage.
She will tells you all about the massage You have chosen which can be adjusted according to Your wishes (see additional services). At first You will have to take a shower (which can be taken together with Your masseuse). During the shared shower You’ll be pleasantly washed.
After the shower you will be taken back to the room where Your sensual erotic massage will begin (with intimate dim lighting, scented candles and relaxation music.)
First, your body will be put into relaxation mode (gentle touches and scratching with fingernails) followed by spreading warm oil all over Your body and pleasant erotic cuddling. Massage is first conducted in the manner of relaxing massage and gradually develops into erotic one – sexual tension is increasing and massage gradually focuses on Your intimate parts.During the massage, the masseuse uses different erotic techniques and special excitable grips and touches with the help of hands, legs, breasts, and her whole body. All of this is followed by delaying orgasm and finally – orgasm by hands.
The massage is ending with a shared shower.
Erotic massage is not always the same – everyone is treated individually.
You will be leaving with a feeling of total relaxation and satisfaction.

History of erotic body to body massages:

The first mention of erotic massages can be found already in antiquity. They probably originated in ancient India sometimes around the fourth to sixth century AD. Already at that time different scented oils and herbs were used to promote an erotic atmosphere. Mentions can also be found in other ancient civilizations like Greece and Egypt. To the Western world erotic massages came more slowly as well as classic massages, which have their origin in ancient civilizations as well. Already in those days it was well known that by intensive massage and stimulation of erogenous zones it is possible to excite the brain centers that produce so called “Happy hormones”.

Warning :

Erotic massage is not intended as a sexual service.
Kissing, oral sex and classic sex is not included even for a fee.
Proposals like this can be offending and Your massage can end prematurely.
Light ‘surface’ touches are allowed.

Massage includes:

1. Relaxing warm shower together with masseuse before and after massage.
2. Sensual full body massage with hot oil, while which the masseuse slowly slides with her body along yours using the outstanding techniques of touch.
3. The masseuse is naked all the time.
4. You can touch the whole body.
5. Intimate zone massage including balls massage by hands with happy ending.
6. The number of orgasms during a massage is not limited.

Body sliding100%
Mutual touches90%

Incall prices:

1 Masseuse
30 min 1300Kč 54€ 65$
60 min 1800Kč 75€ 90$
90 min 2500Kč 105€ 125$
120 min 3500Kč 146€ 175$

You can add extra services.
French kissing, Foot fetish (job), Prostate massage, Private dance.

See complete pricelist.

2 Masseuses
30 min 2400Kč 100€ 120$
60 min 3000Kč 125€ 150$
90 min 4000Kč 167€ 200$
120 min 5300Kč 221€ 265$

You can add extra services.
French kissing, Foot fetish (job), Prostate massage, Private dance.

See complete pricelist.

OUTCALL +500 Kč / 21€


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